It Began with a Love of People & Things

Personal Relationships Have Always Been the Key


From their mutual love for antiques, interior design and sales, Sandy Kupfer and Barbara Herring formed Discovery Estate Sales in 1993 to serve the people of Dallas with Estate Sale liquidation needs. Through personal and professional relationships, they recognized a need in the Dallas area Estate Sale field to provide personalized attention to clients in order to achieve the best results.

"We are able to offer many specialized services and have developed a team of experts in several fields that provide appraisals and help with private placement of heirlooms," says Ms. Kupfer.  "We also provide inventories, staging display and we will price for sales."

Why we do what we do

What began as a Vision of Service to people who did not have the time, physical ability or the emotional detachment to liquidate their property, has evolved into a full-time labor of love. We want our clients to feel comfortable with us being in their homes and by getting to know a little bit about them we can understand the value of their collections, furniture and other loved items. Many of our clients are making the transition from owning homes to living in retirement homes and assisted living homes. We believe that with our assistance this transition can be a positive one.

We find our work rewarding and pleasurable, and it not only gives us a sense of accomplishment in helping others, but also fulfills our needs, talents and abilities. Not only do we find the work rewarding, we have found great success. Many years of good Realtor, Attorney and Client referrals have added to our success and the love of what we do.

Barbara retired in 2016 to spend time with her three precious granddaughters.

An admitted lover of beautiful things, Sandy has turned a personal passion into a career of finding tomorrow’s home for today’s treasures.

Sandy Kupfer - Discovery Estate Sales proprietor

Sandy Kupfer - Discovery Estate Sales proprietor