We can help you liquidate your valuables

Stop worrying. We can help.

We specialize in liquidating properties for individuals and Realtors and their clients
in a professional and financially advantageous manner by offering:

- Individual Estate Sales
- Pre-Listing Assistance
- Readying a Home for Sale (House Staging)
- Appraisals and Inventory
- Private Placement of Heirlooms

How We Work
We at Discovery ESTATE SALES believe in the 4 C's:
Commitment, Cleaning, Courtesy and Creativity

For our clients, we handle everything --- from inventory (including the pricing and presentation), sales staff, personnel to assist with the larger items, advertising and direct mail, coordination with charity for unsold items, broom cleaning of space upon completion, and much much more.

We first go in to meet the client, discuss their needs and our method of operations. We include a copy of our contract, examples of our marketing materials including direct mail, e-mail newsletters and signage, as well as a list of charities in case they do not have a special organization to which they like to donate items.

Next we walk through the home and take an inventory, deciding on the best flow of traffic and the best arrangement of furniture, collectibles and other items. We schedule a “set up” time and the personnel needed to help us carry out this event.

We dismantle and revise the look and appearance to maximize the merchandising appeal. Clothes, bedding, kitchen, tools, etc. are all in their appropriate area. We set up our checkout table with a place for sales receipts and a place to track important and substantial items.

We also have a flier describing our Next Sale – where, when and the contents. In addition, our mailing list is there for customers to sign, note any requests, and update their information if they are a repeat customer. 

And, of course, we subscribe to 24-7EstateSales.

Unique Services
Many of our Sales have been demolitions in which even the walls came tumbling down – literally. And we were allowed to sell everything, including the toilets, plumbing, water heaters, air conditioners, flooring, wall paneling, driveway, doors and cabinets -- and brick and mortar. As an extra bonus, we have sold several cars – one a truly beautiful 1977 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, all in peach and with only 37,000 miles, a very pampered vehicle, and EVEN a 1999 Volvo Convertible, the safest convertible made. The new owner came all the way from Denver to drive his bright red beauty home.

Please contact us when you are seeking the distinctive services that Discovery ESTATE SALES has to offer.

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